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Thursday, 02 February 2017 10:26

Crane Operator – Kemnaker


2 Days


Manual handling means more than just lifting or carrying something. The term ‘manual handling’ is used to describe a range of activities including lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, carrying, moving, holding or restraining an object, animal or person. It also covers activities which require the use of force or effort such as pulling a lever, or operating power tools     

Most of the reported accidents involving manual handling tasks cause back injury although hands arms and feet are also vulnerable. Sometimes the person injured never fully recovers or requires a long period of rehabilitation before they are able to work again.

This course will give participants a basic understanding of the factors necessary to ensure their own safety and that of the colleagues and the staff they supervise.


On completion, participants expected to be able to demonstrate a competences in the theory and application of the following:

•    Safety Induction
•    Pre Test
•    Introduction  of Training
•    Introduction of Manual Handling
•    Definition of Manual Handling
•    Scope and Purpose of Manual handling
•    Body press Mechanical and physical
•    Risk and Hazard terms
•    Bone Compression
•    Body protection
•    Green safe working zone
•    Safety hand grip position
•    Hand injury awareness
•    Pinch point awareness
•    Safety material handling
•    Handling, lifting and moving
•    Foot injury awareness
•    Spinal injury awareness
•    Practical Session and Practical Assessment, Inspection and Audit Equipment
•    Post Test
•    Evaluation
•    Review and Discussion
•    Closing Training

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